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Recovered Carbon Black (rCB) Pelletizing Can Reduce Production Costs While Improving the Environment

Pin Mixer PRO-RCB
The Pin Mixer PRO-RCB transforms rCB into a revenue-producing feedstock for products in a variety of industries. One machine can process 0.03 to 30 tons/hour.

Conversion of bulk powder materials into spherical pellets can turn a waste product into a revenue-producing feedstock. Tire char created by...

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Pelletizing of Powders Can Create New Revenue Streams

Pin Mixer PRO-DFP
The Pin Mixer PRO-DFP converts dusts, fines and powders into marketable products or easy-to-dispose waste. One machine can process 0.3 to 90 tons/hour.

A combination of increasing costs and environmental regulations have made agitation agglomeration – the process of converting fine powder materials into spherical pellets – a sound investment for companies that can re-purpose a waste stream into a beneficial product used in manufacturing, recycling, processing or agriculture.

Typical pelletizing materials and applications include:

  • Limestone as a soil amendment in gardens, lawns and fields
  • Poultry Manure as organically safe fertilizer products
  • Recovered Carbon Black (rCB) from tires as a tinting agent, strength additive or UV protectant in automotive, marine and consumer products

Many other fine powders are also ideal for pelletizing.

Mars Mineral specializes in agitation agglomeration, which requires a liquid binder for pelletization. In most cases, that binder is water. If other binder options are needed, we can apply 45 years of experience to binder testing for various applications.

Once pellets are formed and dried, the result is a material that's easier to handle, has increased strength & density, and reduces or eliminates employees' exposure to dust.

Which System is Best for You?

To determine the ideal pelletizing system for your specific application, it’s advisable to test material in sample quantities of 5 to 25 gallons, in our lab, using our pin mixer, disc or drum pelletizers. Larger pilot scale testing is also available. After testing, we issue a detailed report, along with the finished product, for your evaluation.

Whether your tests are conducted in the research or pilot phase, we have the expertise to help you to move forward, and to assist you with taking the next step toward completing a successful project.

Deciding How to Proceed

Turning waste material into revenue-producing pellets doesn’t have to be a gamble. With an experienced partner in testing and pilot scale production, Mars Mineral will guide you in the right direction and help your project succeed.

Let’s work together and determine the best course of action. To start a conversation, contact one of our customer account managers at 724.538.3000 or

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